Top 8 Best Spray Primer For Plastic?

Finding the best spray primer for plastic is complicated, with so many options available in the market, with some of them having shallow quality. 

If you are looking to paint on plastic and are still confused about which spray primer to pick, this mega guide is just for you. 

This article will discuss:

  • What are spray primers for plastic?
  • Our top picks and most favorite spray primers for plastic.
  • All the different types of spray primers are available for plastic surfaces. 
  • How do spray primer paints on plastic, and what are their advantages?
  • What to look for before buying the best spray primer for plastic?

With the products we have chosen for you, priming on plastic should be effortless while providing a fine finish to your projects.

My Top Picks

1. SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer

SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer

  • Best High-build Primer.
  • Can be sanded.
  • Helps to fix spots.
  • Grey in color. 
  • Works as a filler. 

2. MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic

MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic

  • Plastic Repair Primer.
  • Crack and chip repair. 
  • Industrial strength Primer.
  • No Toxic chemical compounds. 
  • Penetrates deeply into pores. 

3. Army Painter Color Primer Spray

Army Painter Color Primer Spray

  • Great for use with miniatures. 
  • 2-in-1 paint and primer spray.
  • Acrylic Spray.
  • Fast-drying Primer.
  • Great Coverage.

Feature Comparison Of Best Spray Primer For Plastic

1. Spray Primer Model- SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer

SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer

  • Quantity- 16 Fl. Oz.
  • Product Weight– 1.1 lbs
  • Style: High Build Primer
  • Latest PriceAmazon

2. Spray Primer Model- MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic

MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic

  • Quantity- 0.43 Fl. Oz
  • Product Weight- 0.705 Fl. Oz
  • Style- Water-based primer
  • Latest PriceAmazon

3. Spray Primer Model-  Army Painter Color Primer Spray

Army Painter Color Primer Spray

  • Quantity-13.05 Fl. Oz
  • Product Weight- 13.40 Fl. Oz
  • Style- 2-in1 paint and primer spray
  • Latest Price- Amazon

What Are The Best Spray Primers For Plastic?

Spray Primers are the best when it comes to plastic. They are easy to apply and provide a smooth base surface to paint on. Plastics are tricky when painting since the paint often goes through peeling. However, primers help to prevent that in most cases. Below I have listed the best spray primers for plastic available on the market. 

Get The Best Primer For Plastic

If you know how hard it is to maintain the longevity of the paint on plastic, then you would certainly know how important it is to prime a plastic surface before painting on it. Below we have mentioned some of the best primers for plastic. 

1. SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer For Plastic

SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer

SEM 42013 Grey High Build Primer is the best Elastomeric acrylic coating on the market. They help give the adhesion between paint and plastic and can also work as a filler. 

Special Features

  • Spot-fixing primer
  • Can be sanded 
  • High Build Primer
  • Filling Properties
  • Grey in color

What We Liked

  • Works great as a filler for plastic surfaces.
  • Provides superior adhesion.
  • Works on flexible surfaces as well.
  • Very easy to sand compared to other primers.

What We Didn’t Like

  • 2 – 3 coats are required to achieve a perfect undercoat. 

2. Flat Black Primer For Plastic

Flat Black Primer For Plastic

Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Cover 2X Flat Black Primer For Plastic is one of the best primers for plastic that provides you extra coverage. The comfort spray tip on the top also has a larger surface area that prevents your fingertips from experiencing fatigue due to continued spraying. The Ultra Cover 2X is also ideal for priming miniature plastic figures.

Special Features
  • Ideal for use on Interior/Exterior surfaces
  • Oil-based formula
  • Resists chips and provides long-lasting protection
  • Comfort spray tip
What We Liked
  • Can be sprayed from any angle. 
  • Low in odor. 
  • Sets flat on the surface, ready for painting.
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes.
  • Works well with miniature plastic figures. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • The vendor might send in the damaged product; make sure you check before receiving it.

3. MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer For Plastic 

MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic

MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer for Plastic is the best primer for repairing damaged plastic. It is a high-quality primer or sealant that has high absorption and adhesion. Experts highly recommend this one to fix the chip and crack.

Special Features
  • Plastic repair primer
  • Crack and chip repair
  • Industrial strength adhesion
  • Non-Toxic primer
What We Liked
  • Sticks to dry surfaces well. 
  • The adhesion is excellent between the paint and the surface. 
  • Water-resistant primer. 
  • Great longevity and durability of the repair. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • The quantity in each tube might not be enough for larger projects.

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Best Spray Primer For Plastic

Spray primers are always loved for their ease of use. Applying primers on a working surface –  6using a brush or roller can get messy and time-consuming. At the same time, using Spray Primers for plastic projects is more convenient. When working with plastic miniatures, I believe you should use spray primers. 

Below are some of the best spray primers you can buy for plastic surfaces. 

1. Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer

Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer

Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer is the best surface primer available for ABS and Styrene plastic. It helps to fill in small scratches or other minor spots on plastic surfaces. 

Special Features
  • Light gray in color
  • 180 ml spray can
  • Can be used with plastic miniatures
What We Liked
  • The color is perfect for darker surfaces. 
  • Ideal for ABS or Styrene plastic surfaces.
  • Great for fixing minor spots. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • The product might miss a cap after shipment; check when receiving the product. 

2. Spray Primer For Plastic Miniatures

Army Painter Color Primer Spray

The Army Painter Color Primer Spray is the best primer available for plastic miniatures. These spray primers are specially designed to be used with miniatures and would be a perfect choice if that is what you plan to do.

Special Features
  • Great Adhesion
  • Reaches every nook and cranny of the miniature
  • 400 ml can
  • Acrylic primer
What We Liked
  • It dries fast. 
  • Great coverage of the primer on plastic surfaces.
  • Matches the color of the surface pretty well. 
  • Works well for base coating and deep finishes. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • The product might come damaged. 

3. Rust-Oleum 327912 American Accents Spray

Rust-Oleum 327912 American Accents Spray

Rust-Oleum 327912 American Accents Spray is pretty similar to the Flat black primer we reviewed up there, but what makes this special is its capability of reaching hard-to-paint places. If you are working on a project with many small details, you should go for this. 

Special Features
  • Ideal for interior or exterior use
  • Great coverage
  • Long-lasting Protection
  • Sprays flat onto the surface
What We Liked
  • Covers up to 12 sq. ft. of surface, which is ideal for smaller projects. 
  • Really smooth when sprayed onto the surface. 
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes. 
  • Can be sprayed on the surface from any angle, reducing fatigue for the fingers. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • It does not go well with acrylic paint. 

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Best Spray Primer Paint For Plastic

We already know how helpful Spray Primers are. But you can carry out all your tasks more easily when you get the advantages of primer and paint in one spray can. 

1. Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint Primer 

1. Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint Primer 

Krylon colormaster spray paint Primer is the best 2-in-1 paint and primer spray for plastic. It reduces the need to prepare a surface by priming it beforehand; you can just go forward with applying this on the desired surface. 

Special Features
  • Fast drying capabilities
  • Increased adhesion to the plastic surface 
  • Great Coverage
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
What We Liked
  • Dries in under 10 minutes. 
  • No runs or drips, thanks to the smart nozzle. 
  • Helps to smoothen uneven surfaces. 
  • Ensures that the actual paint color is shown on the surface. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • The Paint and Primer might give off an odor. 

2. Automotive Filler Primer Spray Paint

Automotive Filler Primer Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum’s Automotive Filler Primer Spray Paint is perfect for surfaces that have both plastic and metal. It works great as a filler for damaged plastic surfaces and can also help protect metal surfaces from rusting. This will be a great choice if you are into painting miniature cars.

Special Features
  • Filler Primer
  • Prevents Rusting
  • Coverage of 12 sq. ft
  • 2-in-1 prime and paint spray
  • Any angle spray technology
  • Oil-based paint
What We Liked
  • Great for repairing minor defects on plastic.
  • Provides a flat and smooth finish. 
  • It is also sandable, providing more adhesion for each coat of paint.
  • Can be used on 3d printed models as well. 
What We Didn’t Like
  • 12 sq. ft. coverage is not enough for more significant projects.

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How To Spray Primer Paint On Plastic?

Spraying primer paint on a plastic surface is one of the most accessible forms of primer application that you can think of. However, you can still be confused about how to apply spray primer paint on plastic. Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Before you get on with the task, let’s learn about all the materials we might need to complete the job. 


  • Spirit
  • Clothe
  • Fine Grit Sanding Paper
  • A suitable plastic primer
  • Plastic Paint
  • A sealer

Let us now learn how to spray primer paint on a plastic surface. 

Clean The Plastic Surface

Firstly, you must wipe the surface using a cloth dipped in spirit. This helps to reduce any dirt from the surface. 

Apply The First Coat Of Primer

Next, we will spray the first coat of primer on the plastic surface. You must ensure that the distance between the can and the surface is always uniform. Also, avoid spraying on one spot for a prolonged period as this might cause drips or runs. 

Sand The Primer Coat

Once you have applied the first coat, you must sand the surface to provide better adhesion for the second coat. 

Repeat The Last Two Steps

Repeat the previous two steps until you reach the desired thickness for your primer on the plastic surface. 

Apply Paint And Sealant

Once you have finished priming the surface and the primer has dried out, it is time to apply paint to the surface. Make sure that the paint you choose is compatible with your primer. Once you have applied a few coats and achieved your desired smoothness, it is time to seal the paint using a sealant only after the paint has dried. 

What Are The Advantages Of Spray Primer For Plastic?

Spray primer for plastic has a lot of benefits and is strongly suggested by professionals to be included in all forms of paint projects. Priming doesn’t only help to make your paint look good, but they also have other advantages that can save you a lot of money and time. Some of the benefits of spray primer for plastic are…

  • They help make the paint look smooth, as the undercoat helps fix any surface issues.
  • Spray primer can fix minor scratches, chips, or cracks on plastic surfaces and prevent them from showing up on the topcoat.
  • Spray Primers are the best choice for miniatures or small figurines, as they are hard to prime or color. A spray form primer can easily reach all the tiny details on them.
  • Primer Sprays for plastic also help to provide the adhesion between paint and plastic.
  • Something that paints on itself lacks. This helps to reduce the peeling effects of paint on plastic surfaces.
  • Primer helps to increase the longevity and durability of paint on plastic.

What To Look For When Buying A Spray Primer Paint For Plastic?

There are a few things that you should consider before buying a spray primer paint for plastic. Check out our buying guide below to know everything there is to know. 

Spray Primer Paint Brand

Bigger brands have years of hand on expertise that helps them to make their products the best. It is always wise to go for a product from one of these big names. 

Spray Primer Paint Costing

There are thousands of primers available for plastic, but you can narrow down your search by determining the budget for your product. There are suitable primers in every price range, so you do not need to worry. Always remember that a higher price range doesn’t necessarily mean the product will be better than most. 

Compatibility With The Paint

The primer you choose for the plastic surface must also be compatible with the paint you will apply. If you are going for oil-based paint, buy an oil-based primer. 

Spray Primer Paint Features

Different plastic primers have different attributes or characteristics. Ensure that the aspects of the primer you are about to buy are the ones you need. For example, if you are about to work on a plastic surface with many scratches, it is best to buy a primer to help fix that.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, before buying that spray primer for plastic, check the product’s customer reviews. Other customers of the same product can provide better info on the experience of the product you are about to buy.

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Going for a spray primer paint for plastic is always a wise idea looking at how easy they are to use and how much time they will save you. Plastic primer sprays are also the most suitable for painting miniatures or figurines, as you won’t need a fine brush to finish the task. We hope that this article answers all the queries that you might have relating to plastic primer sprays.

Happy priming!

Related Questions

What Is The Best Plastic Model Primer?

The best plastic model primer on the market is the Army Painter Color Primer Spray. It is best for smaller plastic models and comes with 2-in-1 paint and primer. You won’t need to prime or paint the model separately and can complete the task in one go. 

How Do You Prime Plastic Before Painting?

Plastic is primed using a plastic primer. You can spray the primer on a plastic surface using spray primer paint, or you can choose to use a brush or a roller. 

Does This Primer Need To Be Used With An Undercoat, Or Can I Skip That Step?

Primer Sprays come in two forms: one can be used as an undercoat, while the one that comes in 2-in-1 paint and primer setup, you can use as a topcoat. 

Do You Need To Prime Plastic Before Spray Painting It?

Yes, it is best to excellent a plastic surface before painting on it as it helps to provide adhesion between the plastic surface and the paint. Other than that, primers also help to give a smoother finish to the topcoat. 

Is There A Difference Between Aerosol And Spray Primers?

Spray primers are a form of Aerosol as an aerosol is a can that discharges solid or liquid particles. 

Can You Mix More Than One Type Of Primer To Achieve A Better Result?

Yes, you can choose to mix primers to achieve a better result, but you need to make sure that the primers you mix are of the same form. That is, they are all water-based or oil-based.